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ÖN Law Office is a law firm located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. Beside Ankara, we collaborate with three partner offices in Turkey, located in the other three major cities of Turkey, in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. We also collaborate with a law firm from Frankfurt, Germany and Madrid/Barcelona, Spain. We give legal advice to both, companies and private clients with the same professional approach and we represent them against all of the iudicial and administrative authorities and third people inside the borders of Turkish Republic. The most important thing in our work is to provide our clients with reliable legal service in short time as possible. Therefore it is important for us, to collaborate with law offices abroad and within boarders of Turkey.


To international client we provide legal services in English, German and Italian. Besides commencing and pursuing an action before the courts, our law office gives consultative service permanently or at the base of event to many business associations. Our consultative service inclueds the resolution of the disputes between the business associations and real or legal persons, administrative bodies by trail, internal and external arbitration or by recourses to the administrative authorities. In this content, processes of consolidation and changing sort of domestic and foreing capital companies, branch office and agency are also realized by our law office.


As mentioned we provide legal services in all fields of Turkish law. But we are very specialized in Administrative Law (especially Energy Law, Mining Law and Telecommunication Law), Press Law, Corporate Law, Law of Competition, Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property, Banking and Finance Law, Insurance Law, Family Law, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Labor Law, Sports Law and Criminal Law.





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